Glass art Anneke van den Hombergh (The Netherlands)
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Glass art by Anneke van den Hombergh

Glass art: The magic of glass

Glass has something magical. It is strong and vulnerable, at the same time it is transparent and yet tangible. The colour splendor continues to surprise and makes speechless. As if a higher power interferes with the material. Glass art is in all its facets almost a spiritual thing.

Glass artist

Anneke van den Hombergh is an international working glass artist, from Venlo in The Netherlands. Anneke has raised glass to her absolute passion and makes the most remarkable art objects with a very contemporary character and distinctive signature. Once seen you will know its a original "Anneke". 

Anneke has a venue and small gallery in Venlo, from which all glass sculptures are manually made.  

Her works finds her way to carefully selected galleries, luxury art shows and online worldwide interior partners. Through this last road the works mostly go to private customers.

You read news and events around Anneke's glass art on this website. For an impression of Anneke's glass sculptures, please refer the Portfolio and Exclusives sections.

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Anneke van den Hombergh (glass art)

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