Anneke van den Hombergh ART - Glass art & Body sculptures (The Netherlands)
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  • Glass art  by glassartist, glass artist Anneke van den Hombergh and glass wall hanging
  • Glass art  by glassartist, glass artist Anneke van den Hombergh and glass wall hanging
  • Glass art  by glassartist, glass artist Anneke van den Hombergh and glass wall hanging

Glassart Glass artist Anneke van den Hombergh

Glass art Artist Anneke van den Hombergh
Glass art is as beautiful as a great love
Glass art is all "present" again
Glass art is "hot and trending" like never before
Glass art "alive"
Glass art "grabs" you and never lets you go
Glass art a "passion" for both artist and collector
Glass art one of my great "loves" 

Anneke van den Hombergh Glass Studio and Gallery 

Anneke van den Hombergh's Glass Studio and Gallery is located in the Netherlands in Noord-Limburg. A beautiful hometown where it is good to live and glass art is elevated to passion and craftsmanship.

The pleasure and unprecedented passion, professionalism and years of experience characterize her work as unique and constantly innovative. The uniqueness of her work can be seen in the unprecedented eye for colour, form, and detail.

A very varied range of contemporary glass objects can also be seen at Van den Hombergh. In our own glass studio all these unique sculptures and sculptures are made by hand. Glass fusion is her speciality.

Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, van den Hombergh's glass studio can now count on a large crowd of customers who travel from a distance to her studio.

Glass art collection by Anneke van den Hombergh

Anneke van den Hombergh's modern glass art collection is unprecedentedly large and varied. The glass art collection has a diversity of wall sculptures, abstract glass objects but also figurative glass art. Not only glass sculptures, but also wall objects. 
The glass collection also has a series of bowls and bowls, glass commemorative objects, or a glass jewelry. Her style also has a great choice of variety of glass art. From sleek, understated to bright but also exuberant colours and shapes.

Because everything is made in our own workshop, we also work on commission. Because the purchase of a glass sculpture is a defining factor for your interior, you can always place one of the beautiful sculptures.

Van den Hombergh collaborates with a very select number of Galleries that represent her work. Galleries with a similar love and passion.


New groundbreaking glassart. Glassart with a twist. A little stubborn and quirky but so trendy and different. Check out my "contemporary" section for more pictures. Follow up my website for more pictures and information.



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